Best Eyebrow Growth Serum

by Diana Arlington | last updated: December 20, 2018

Most women are dissatisfied with too thick eyebrows, which constantly have to pull out and correct their shape. But sometimes eyebrows, like hair, begin to fall out. This can occur from frequent staining or improper care, from internal causes or stress--and sometimes the eyebrows are rare from birth. Of course, you can solve this problem by correcting the eyebrows with a pencil or tinting with dye. However, this should be done periodically, and it looks not entirely natural. In this post, we will try to find out the causes of eyebrow loss, as well as select the best eyebrow growth serum for quick regrowth.

Best Eyebrow Growth Serum

Depending on the leading component, the eyebrow serum may:

  • accelerate hair growth;
  • restore microdamages: eliminating fragility and dryness;
  • nourish the hair follicles, improving the saturation and brightness of the color;
  • strengthen hairs, preventing loss and thinning, making eyebrows thick.

The compositions of the serums differ from other cosmetic products by a high concentration of nutrients and beneficial substances. That is why they have such high efficiency. Most often the brow growth serums contain:

  • D-panthenol--gives the serum regenerating properties, having a healing and moisturizing effect;
  • acids--fruit, hyaluronic, aminocarboxylic, humic--act as activators of hair growth and metabolic cellular processes;
  • soy proteins--fill the voids inside the hairs, making them beautiful and shiny;
  • mineral supplements and vitamins--needed for proper nutrition of hair follicles;
  • natural extracts--seaweed, althea, pumpkin seeds, licorice, cedar, lemon, citronella, red clover, camellia, blueberry, lemon balm, mountain mint, chamomile--have a strengthening and regenerating effect, contain antioxidants;
  • pink pearl minerals--give beautiful shine to eyebrows;
  • oils--castor, burdock;
  • Acetyl-Tetrapeptide-3--positively affects the skin, softening the aggressive properties of acids
  • polypeptides--restore and strengthen
  • Isopropyl Cloprostenate--fatty acid, improves the regeneration of damaged cells, stimulates the growth of eyebrows;
  • Allantoin--soothing effect.

Well-groomed and beautiful eyebrows - a real decoration of every woman. They can correct minor flaws of the face, make the look charming and spectacular. If you want to make brows thicker and more saturated, use our selection of the best eyebrow growth products.

1. Hairgenics Lavish Lash: Best-Rated Serum for Thick, Luxurious Eyebrows and Lashes

Hairgenics Lavish Lash Review

This advanced botanical serum promotes even growth and lush fullness to eyebrows and eyelashes while adding vibrant luster to both. With regular use of this excellent quality product, you will never need false lashes or penciled-in brows again. Within 60 days or less, you can experience astonishing results. The proprietary components of this unique serum, which are sourced from botanical compounds, penetrate brow and lash hair follicles to activate new hair growth to lengthen, thicken and enhance both.

This special formula contains nutritional Plant Peptides and Biotin for nourishing full and lustrous eyebrow and lash growth. Since eyebrow and eyelash hair grows more slowly than hair on any other parts of your body, give this product three months of daily use before assessing its many amazing features and truly remarkable rates of success.

All serum ingredients are hypoallergenic and non-irritating as well. These active, enriching ingredients are also clinically analyzed, allergy tested and dermatologist tested, but never tested on animals. When applied at the roots of lashes and smoothly on the brow line for no less than 60 days, you can gain optimal new, lush hair growth.

Within 90 days, you should enjoy fully grown and beautiful brows and lashes. If you like, combine this highly effective serum with castor oil for even more outstanding results. You can experience the scientifically proven success of Lavish Lash for yourself.

Hairgenics believes in being totally transparent concerning the composition of its health and beauty products. Along with Biotin, other pure, hair-nurturing ingredients of this unique formula include Benzalkonium Chloride, Disodium Phosphate, Panax Ginseng Extract and Swertia Japonica Extract. Benzalkonium Chloride is an organic salt that acts as an antimicrobial agent, destroying harmful microorganisms in the skin while Disodium Phosphate improves the nutritional balances of all serum ingredients.

Panax Ginseng Extract, or American Ginseng (Panax quinquefolius), activates your immune system, promoting greater stamina and improving cellular growth and resilience throughout all areas of the body, including the skin. Swertia Japonica Extract is an herbal ingredient of this nutrient-enriched serum that supports new hair growth of eyebrows and lashes while helping to prevent further hair loss in these areas.


  • Delighted customers call this product an amazing miracle in a small tube.
  • With regular use, you can have long, luxurious eyelashes and full, attractive eyebrows.
  • Some well satisfied users report new eyebrow hair growth within just 10 days after beginning use.
  • This pure cosmetic serum is produced in FDA certified labs and is fully tested for safety and effectiveness.
  • This serum is hypoallergenic and gentle to the delicate skin tissues surrounding your eyes.


  • One customer reports red eyes after first applying this serum to eyebrows and lashes. However, other virus or flu-like symptoms occurred at the same time, so the redness may not have been caused by the serum.

2. RapidBrow Eyebrow Enhancing Serum: Luxurious and Effective Eyebrow Thickener and Conditioner

RapidBrow Eyebrow Enhancing Serum Review

With just a few strokes of this nourishing serum's mini brush each morning and night, your eyebrows will be luxuriously conditioned and elegant to complement your eyes and lashes. RapidBrow® Eyebrow Enhancing Serum is skillfully formulated to include the advanced Hexatein2 Complex, which consists of six very effective components that refine and smooth your brows into streamlined, sleek beauty. Your eyebrows will appear fuller and healthier while maintaining their slim, stylish curve to frame your eyes and set them aglow.

With eyebrow hair growth and refinement aid such as Keratin, Pentapeptide-17, Biotin and Panthenol, these serums promote the growth of lasting new brow hair that has enhanced volume and shine. This empowering serum formula supports continuous improvements in eyebrow hair growth and the conditioning and nurturing of each individual hair while reducing or even eliminating brow hair loss.

Keratin belongs to a family of proteins with a fibrous structure that are a key component of hair and the external layer of human skin. When included in a topical serum or cream, it can strengthen hair and give it greater luster, strength and enhanced smooth body.

As a component of this eyebrow serum, Keratin acts to prevent brow hair loss. Pentapeptide-17 promotes the growth of lasting new brow hair that has enhanced volume and shine. Biotin, or water-soluble Vitamin B7, enhances the inner structure of your body's keratin content.

It can also help promote faster new hair growth, repairing the appearance of sparse, thinning eyebrows as it fills in the volume of your brows with healthy, smooth hair growth. As a form of Vitamin B5, Panthenol penetrates the shafts of hair, helping hair to retain healthy moisture, softness and luster.


  • Many users of this product report having full, youthful eyebrows like they did during their teenage years.
  • New users of this eyebrow enhancing serum are delighted at its rapid results of both new brow hair growth volume and sheen.
  • Some customers who previously needed to use heavy applications of eyebrow pencil every day to fill-in thinning brows report having no need for the brow color after regular use of this brow revitalizing serum.
  • Satisfied new customers report experiencing remarkable improvements in eyebrow fullness within just two months or less of their initial application of this safe, effective RapidBrow product.


  • Some users of this eyebrow thickening serum express slight disappointment in their recent orders of this product, stating that the new supplies seem somewhat less effective than earlier bottles they received

3. Castor Oil USDA Certified Organic, 100% Pure, Cold Pressed, Hexane Free: Empowering Growth Stimulation for Brows and Lashes

Castor Oil for Eyebrow Growth Review

This pure, rapid-action eyebrow and eyelash enhancing product from Kate Blanc Cosmetics helps you achieve new, full eyebrow and lash hair growth quickly and consistently. This item comes with the eyelash and eyebrow kit. The kit allows simple application to eye lashes and brow lines to promote better eyelash and eyebrow growth.

The glass droplet dispenser allows easy use of eye drops for eyelashes and brows. It is also handy for applying general hair growth serum. This simple, effective serum initiates the noticeable beginning of new, fuller brow hair growth within just two weeks following the first drops of serum application.

Pure, gentle castor oil promotes consistent hair accumulation without the addition of any overly powerful or harsh ingredients. It also can alleviate or prevent dry, flaking and irritated scalp, especially during cold weather. This serum is of optimal good quality and is free of hexane. It diminishes brow hair loss at the same time it stimulates the development and growth of shiny new hair.

The pure castor oil in this product is USDA certified and completely safe for regular, ongoing use. It produces longer, thicker yet refined fresh eyebrow hair naturally and rapidly for a smoother, sleeker and fuller brow line.

At the same time, it helps prevent any skin breakouts around the eyes and reduces any existing wrinkles or imperfections of the delicate skin tissues surrounding your eyes. Your brows will always look beautifully nourished and moisturized with applications of this vitalizing eyebrow and eyelash serum twice each day.


  • Some users of this eyebrow revitalizing serum report new brow hair development with deeper, more lustrous color tones like the shade they had when younger.
  • Customers who had unhappy experiences using eyebrow serums with harsh, artificial ingredients that caused skin rashes report great relief and satisfaction with the gentle effectiveness of this organic Castor Oil serum.
  • Some new users who had used prescription medications before for the purpose of growing new, thicker eyebrows express their current enjoyment and relief now that they have discovered this pure, fast, active brow improving product.


  • A few users of this organic serum report slightly allergic reactions, with some slight puffiness around the eyes, although they do now have more lush and healthy brow hair.

4. RevitaBrow Advanced Eyebrow Conditioner: For Fuller, Lush and Refreshed Brows

RevitaBrow Advanced Eyebrow Conditioner Review

This advanced formula, hypoallergenic eyebrow conditioning serum from RevitaLash Cosmetics revitalizes natural brow hair that looks dried, sparse or damaged from exposure to harsh weather conditions or excessive styling procedures. The majority of users of this unique serum report having more dynamic, fuller brows.

This product rejuvenates eyebrow hair while helping to prevent thinning and brittleness. With just one application per day on an ongoing schedule, your brows will be full, smooth and shining with renewed health and resilience.

This anti-aging eyebrow conditioning formula was developed by a physician to restore your brows to their youthful line and luster. Incorporating current advanced cosmetic research and technology, this brand offers a BioPeptin Complex which contains Biotin and Peptides along with Green Tea extract enriched with Panthenol.

These hair-enhancement ingredients work together to strengthen and soften brows, replacing thinned brow hair and protecting your brows from dryness or breakage due to daily environmental factors like overly heated homes and offices or harsh weather conditions.

Your eyebrows are a symbol of your personal style and character, defining certain facial expressions and enhancing first and lasting impressions of your individual qualities. When they are lush and full with natural smoothness and sheen, they enhance all your other features and complement the essence of your unique personality. For this reason, healthy, well cared for brows are important personal features to nurture and maintain with excellent eyebrow care products like RevitaBrow.


  • This eyebrow serum is vegan friendly and approved by PETA.
  • This brow formula contains no Phthalates, a family of chemicals frequently used in industry to soften PVC plastic and sometimes as solvents in cosmetic formulas. They may harm the kidneys, liver, lungs and reproductive system.


  • Some customers report experiencing some dry skin around the brow line when using this product.

5. Ardell Brow and Lash Growth Accelerator Treatment Gel: Enriching Formula of Multi-Proteins for Full Eyebrow Beauty

Ardell Brow and Lash Growth Accelerator Treatment Gel Review

This active treatment gel renews eyebrow fullness and shape. Thinning or over-tweezed brows are repaired and restored to their former lustrous sheen and beauty. Composed of rich multi-proteins, this formula rejuvenates weak or brittle brow hairs and lashes to their former youthful resilience.

With regular daily use of this healthy serum, your eyebrow hair and lashes will become significantly thicker with greater volume and shape. Hair color and smooth texture will reflect new freshness and vitality.

This concentrated formula works relatively quickly to produce some long-lasting renewal of eyebrow texture and beauty. Because this product is sold in convenient gel form, it is easy to apply and clings to brows and lashes until absorbed rather than getting into eyes and causing irritations like some liquid formulas can do. The multi-proteins in this serum combine to reinforce one another's effectiveness, producing somewhat fast and effective results for more lush and healthy brows and lashes.

Some older users of this product also notice a decrease in the amount of gray eyebrow hair they have when using this formula. The new hair growth that results from daily applications of this product tends to reveal the natural, youthful shades and tones of the original colors of brows. New brow hair growth is usually rapid, filling in thinning brows somewhat evenly and fully.


  • Some satisfied customers say they owe at least one-third of the currently length of their lashes and fullness of their brows to applications of this protein-rich product.
  • Users report that this formula is mild enough for use on brows and lashes of individuals with sensitive skin.


  • Some customers who plucked and thinned their brows for several years report seeing only slight results from this eyebrow revitalizing product.
  • Although this product is promoted as one of the most effective serums and creams of its brand, is does not produce the high degree of results expected from an excellent brow and lash hair enhancer.

6. ArtNaturals Eyelash Growth Serum: Unique Eyebrow and Eyelash Enhancer with Pentapeptide-17 and Swiss Apple Stem Cells

ArtNaturals Eyelash Growth Serum Review

This effective eyebrow and eyelash new growth serum initiates the development of new, healthier brow and lash hair with use of a nutritional formula without any annoying irritants. The unique ingredient of Swiss Apple Stem Cells aids in sustaining strong, resilient hair follicles to increase hair growth and thickness.

The active ingredient of Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17 enhances the fullness and smooth texture of newly growing brow and lash hair. With daily applications of this innovative formula, eyelash and brow hair will increase in texture and sheen. This serum is completely free of Paraben.

This effective brow and lash enhancement product from ArtNaturals combines Swiss Apple Stem Cells with Amino Acids, Vitamin B5 and additional natural components to initiate new growth of brow and lash hair to replenish thinning, dry or broken hair.

This product was formulated using the latest discoveries in facial beauty treatments. It contains no potentially irritating or harsh ingredients and is recommended for regular use for all skin types and all ages of teenage and adult customers.

Eyebrows and lashes may thin for various reasons, such as over-waxing and plucking, frequent use of false eyelashes and with age. Beauty specialists and dermatologists often discuss the four primary phases of eyelash and eyebrow hair growth as growth, resting, shedding and renewed growth.

In mid-aged and older adults, brow and lash hair follicles may slow down in the generation of new hair. This serum improves individual hair length, hue and texture. Its rich botanical extracts also hydrate the sensitive skin tissues surrounding eyes to prevent creasing and wrinkles.


  • Some pleased users report rapid results from daily use of this product, with significantly fuller, denser brows and lashes.
  • Some new users of this serum report seeing some improvement in both eyebrows and eyelashes almost immediately after initial application of this formula.


  • Some dissatisfied customers report experiencing no improvement in brow and lash thickness and quality after using this serum for several months.
  • Some new users complain about the thin, liquid consistency of this serum, making it difficult to apply evenly.

7. Grande Cosmetics GrandeBROW: Richer, More Luxurious Eyebrows and Eyelashes with a Single Daily Application

Grande Cosmetics GrandeBROW Review

This eyebrow improvement serum is advertised as generating fuller, healthier brows within six to eight weeks of use, with thick, lustrous brows withing four months after your first application. It offers a unique blend of vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants for re-growth and renewal of your eyebrows. The manufacturer recommends applying this serum once every night, before you go to sleep.

Created by Grande Cosmetics, this product claims to include only well-tested, natural components to bring effective, peptide-infused results to provide you with optimal lasting healthy brow hair. You should benefit from 100 percent thicker, better shaped brows, a 90 percent bolder, more dynamic brow line and 93 percent healthier brow hair quality when using this product.

Instructions from the manufacturer state that you need only one dip or light application of this serum once per day for ultimate effective results. The literature accompanying your bottle of serum will state that using more serum for each application will not bring any extra increase in new brow hair growth.

After four months of regular use, this product's promotional literature states that you should receive top-level results, with thicker, beautiful brows with renewed luster and appeal. After achieving such excellent results, you can apply the serum every other day for the sake of brow maintenance.


  • Although some customers have enthusiastic reports of new, fuller and healthier eyebrow hair and attractive brow lines, they reveal that they often need to apply four or five swipes of serum during each nightly application.
  • Some older users report the disappearance of gray or white eyebrow hair as the new replacement hairs grow in with the original color.


  • Although this serum is promoted by its brand as an award-winning product, it lacks the levels of effectiveness that many competing serums have.
  • Some new users of this serum report seeing a small amount of increased brow hair growth after the initial applications of this product, but no new hair development from subsequent serum usage.


All these modern serums are advertised as highly effective eyebrow or eyebrow/eyelash growth improvement products on today's consumer market. Many of these intriguing formulas are rich in very active nutrients that do provide excellent enhancement of brows and lashes, producing new hair growth, sometimes within an amazingly short period of time. They enrich and thicken hair follicles, producing new hair with impressive strength, volume and beauty to replace older, thinning eyebrow and eyelash growth.

However, some serums may not live up to their promotional claims, offering only partial or minimal degrees of effectiveness for generating full, lush brows and lashes. For selecting the optimal quality product to best fulfill your expectations and needs for revitalizing and enhancing your brows and lashes with the best eyebrow growth serum, examine the ingredients and specific properties and features of each product. Also, give close attention to current product users' reviews and then make your own informed serum purchasing decision for developing beautiful, healthy eyebrows and lashes.